The most precious jewels of the Empordà architecture are, without a doubt, the farmhouses and stately homes from the end of the 19th century.

Any intervention carried out on a historic building of this calibre must be very well organised in order to delicately restore all of the details that make it unique. This often begins by consolidating the structure in order to give solidity to the stone walls and the wooden support beams. For this reason, it is very important to deeply understand the construction systems, and at the same time, to keep the most appropriate materials in mind in order to return the estate to its initial splendour.

Merely consolidating the structure is not enough. Most of the time, an integral intervention is carried out where tradition and innovation come together in order to assume the aspirations of the most demanding client, without ever forgetting the unique essence of the estate.

Our experience in this sector guides us, and we know that we must rely on the most experienced professionals for the most rigorous work. We work with local industries, people that know how to work with stone, that know how to work with the Catalan vaulted ceilings. In short, we surround ourselves with the best so that we can offer the best to you.